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Through our network of experienced professionals, strong world shipping connections and extreme flexibility, we are able to meet your shipping needs more precisely and accurately. Based on our business volume, we are able to leverage very good rates from various shipping lines. Our team is always ready and eager to go that extra mile to ensure that your shipment is routed to its final destination efficiently and cost effectively.
Our ocean freight capabilities include
- FCL, LCLGeneral cargo transportation ( whole container) / container consolidation
- Special goods carriage ( Hanger Container)
- Bulk Cargo transportation
- Transportation for national key projects (precision instruments, large-scale windpower projects)
- Consolidation and transportation of foreign major buyers (Console - Box)
- For Consolidation service against bulk projects, national key projects and foreign major buyers, we formulate project operation solution based on specific client requirements, assigning a specialized global supervision project operation team
Business contact:
Tel: (+86 020) 87346098 87348353
Fax: (+86 020) 87348032
Contact Person : Kevin Chan
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Introduction of Nansha port
Geographic location map and A-shaped planning map Located in the Longxue Island at Panyu Guangzhou at the west bank of the Pearl River. Nansha Terminal is in the geometrical center of the Pearl River Delta, with the South China Sea to the south, Shenzhen to the east, and connection Nanhai, Panyu and Shunde in the west, It is the only gateway to the ocean for Guangzhou-Foshan economic area and city cluster in the west part of the Pearl River Delta. All cluster cities in the Pearl River Delta are within a radius of 100 km distance from Nansha, the hub node connecting all cities in both the east and west parts of the Pearl River Delta. As the pioneer to realize the south exploitation strategy for Guangzhou City , it will be built a mega deepwater terminal in Nansha at the west bank of the Pearl River to provide services for container traffic and modern logistics Nansha Port Layout.
     Take advantage of all strengths for a joint prosperity Located at the heart of the Delta , Nansha Terminal is backed up by rich cargo supply. It has the shortest average economic distance to the cargo sources area and thus takes the advantage of Iow traffic costs. Nansha terminal is 35 nautical miles to Guishan anchorage,with shipping channel of -13m (-17m in future) deep. The terminal has huge potentials for further development. The shoreline of Longxue Island is long enough for the construction of over 50 berths of up to 50,000 DWT capacity. The four multi-purpose deepwater berths of up to 50,000 DWT capacity of Project Phase I is going to be completed and put into operation in Sept.,2004. The construction of six deepwater berths of up to 50,000 DWT capacity for Project Phase II has commenced.

Introduction of Huangpu port
Guangzhou Huangpu port is located in Guangzhou zhujiang,is the biggest international port ofthe main port and Huanan of export trade.Guangzhou Port Group possesses 46 berths, 13 buoys and 23 anchorages each of 10,000 tonnage-class and the largest capacity to be 300,000 tons.
As the largest comprehensive hub port in South China, Port of Guangzhou keeps increasing in cargo volume owing to its fast growing hinterlands'economy. In 1999, Port of Guangzhou broke its annual throughput record of 100 million tos, to be the second port in Mainland China with such achievement. Afterwards, he port was making great progress year by year. In 2006, the whole Guangzhou Port accomplished 300 million tons(ranking the 3rd in China's coastal ports and the 5th among the world top ten ports) and 665 million TEUs, and Guangzhou Port Group alone reached 201 million tons and 4.774 million TEUs.
Guangzhou port is the friend port of port of USA、Los Angeles port、sydney port of Australia,Vancouver port of Canada.
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