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Rockwood International Freight Ltd Zhongshan branch office was found in August 8,2002. After several years of unremitting efforts,Rockwood Zhongshan become more mature,and it always maintain stability in the container.and business always keep solid and stable development, Rockwood Zhongshan as "the spirit of Rockwood the Sincere services" regard criteria. It have been gain the numerous partners trust,and have been known as the city of zhongshan as freight forwarders. Performance has continued to grow.
Rockwood Zhongshan has become strong and strong, Now It has grown gradually from base in Zhongshan to the market of Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Shunde region. Then for the customer demand,In February 2006, Jiangmen,Shunde,Zhuhai department office was found to expand cargo service to the region.
Rockwood Zhongshan in charge of Zhongshan,Jiangmen,Shunde, Zhuhai four regional business development and customer services, it has set up a total of six department,as for: Sales department, Marketing Department, Operations department(includes Seafreight Dep, Airfreight Dep, LCL Freight Dep), Accountant Department, Adminisrtation Department, IT department, all in 40 people,is a strong sense of service , professionalism and productive team of high-quality staff,server for its customers to provide professional air /sea multimodal transport, bulk encasement/coumters, cargo import and export express service, and accompanied with drag counters, delivery, collection, customs clearance and other door-to-door service. " Simple, equitable, stable and credibility " as the purpose of Rockwood Zhongshan office, It dedication to providing quality customer services.
We Rockwood Zhongshan office look forward to the early establishment with your company of partnership, look forward to your advice,Believe us, will become your most trusted partners!
Rockwood Zhongshan branch office in charge of Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Shunde, Zhuhai four regional business development and customer service. As the four districts in the West, the river here has more intensive contacts between the terminals rely on Shenzhen, Nansha and Hong Kong. very intensive schedules, and convenience. Rockwood Zhongshan with the use of this advantage and the rise of Nansha, firmly seize this rare opportunity to bring the Office of Jiangmen, Shunde Zhuhai based on Western parts, shipping market, and achieved certain results. Seafreight /Seafreight LCL /Seafreight FCL services are one of my great strengths, the main route : Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Cyprus, Chile, Colombia,etc.
The West area mainly rely on the five airports, according to the volume of number, followed by : Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau and Zhuhai. Our Company also according to The number of goods, the different kinds of goods and the value of the degree of limitation, use various means -- cars, ship or express goods to other five airports. Although airport exit fierce competition, but more of a complementary service as bring big benefits to clients. Rockwood Zhongshan Office plate packages shipped by air routes are : UK, ITALY, NZ, AU, SA,etc. the airlines BA, CX, QF. SA, AZ, VS,etc.

Rockwood Zhongshan office is offering following service:
1ˇ˘ Seafreight FCL
Aˇ˘ Trucking containers to Shenzhen or Hong Kong to load direct calling master vessel.
Bˇ˘ Ship the container by feeder from Shunde©pJianmen©pZhongshan and Zhuhai to Shenzhen or Hong Kong to load direct calling master vessel.
2ˇ˘ Airfreight
Aˇ˘ Delivering the goods to Shenzhen\Guangzhou\Hong Kong or Macau to load airplane by truck or by feeder.
3ˇ˘ Seafreight LCL
Aˇ˘ We offer daily consolidation service from Shunde©pJianmen©pZhongshan and Zhuhai to Hong Kong.
Bˇ˘ Ex Hong Kong for consolidation to Holland©pUK©pGermany©pItaly©pSouthAfrica©pAustralia©pNew Zealand©pCanada©pCyprus©pChile©pColombia etc.
4ˇ˘ Courier service from/to Hong Kong to/from Shunde©pJianmen©pZhongshan and Zhuhai etc.
5ˇ˘ Door to door service

Customs clearance/fumigation/transhipment licence/local delivery/trucking
6ˇ˘ Importing
Marking use of our strong worldwide network,offer you door to door importing service for both sea and air to HongKong/Zhongshan/Zhuhai/Shunde/Jiangmen.Our Hong Kong Head Office arrange all the transshipping at Hong Kong.

Zhongshan Branch Office
2-1911,1922 Lihe International Residence,No 2, Yintong Street,Dong District,Zhongshan,Guangdong
Tel : (86 760) 8886160
Fax : (86 760) 8321936
E-Mail Address :
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