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2012-3-7 18:13
Graceful Bearing of Foot

Record of the first league football matches of Rockwood

Early spring of Feb, the cream of Rockwood played football on the grassland which is the first game at the beginning of the New Year. Both sides-Guangzhou team-HongKong&Zhongshan team all arrange the powerful battle array for this game, from manager to bussiness men, all of them fight for a title!

In the ninty minutesˇ¦ gruelling match, both sides show indomitable combatant spirit. Skilled pass and nimble shoot make the game brilliant and excite. Finally Guangzhou team win the golden cup with results2:0.  Though Hongkong & Zhongshan team miss the golden cup, they never give up, they will continue to compare in the field of bussiness!

ˇ¶  Powerful battle array

ˇ¶  Have contest our football skills

ˇ¶  Meet on a narrow path, the brave one win

ˇ¶  To see who is the winner in the game

ˇ¶  Handsome goalkeeper

ˇ¶  Not become dizzy with success, nor be discouraged by failure

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